January 2020


anticipation for the first date is an obvious thing, but what makes this
precious day a daunting task is our “what if” questions, especially in case of
outfits selection. Before deciding on a dress, it is very normal that you
come across questions like what if I look too flashy, what if he does
not like my dress
etc. The questions do not end here, there are several
others such as is this dress too long, is it out-of-date, etc. but you
need to hold your horses because you cannot afford a blunder in haste.
Remember, the first thing that helps you with dress selection is the weather,
your dress should always be suitable for the weather. If you are going on a
date in summers, then we have made a list of pretty summer dresses in Australia that will
ease your task.

If you are
wondering how to achieve an even skin tone, there are several different ways of
achieving this instead of just keeping your focus on cleansers, moisturisers
and toners. Every product has a different impact on our skin and it also
behaves differently during summers and winters. Most people suffer from dull
skin, especially during the harsh winters as some of us have really dry skin.
Due to this change in the weather, our skin loses its moisture and becomes dull.
However, there are several things one can do to improve your skin complexion.