Lighting is the core element of any theatre. It helps illuminate the object on which the spectators’ focus should be. Also, sometimes during the performance, when the artists want to take away the attention from a certain area, they use lights to guide the audience accordingly.

Now you must be wondering that the stage lighting control system for such events must be tough. Well, it’s not the case at all. In fact, you only require four basic things to control the theatrical lighting. Today, we are going to discuss the four parts of a theatrical lighting control system.

Easter fun is one of a kind. However, it can feel colourless if you do not put the right amount of decoration into play. Also, choosing the perfect ideas regarding easter decorations can stress you out. Therefore, in this blog, we have assembled some ways decorations that look wonderful. So, without much ado, let’s check out these decorations right away!

Research shows that more and more young people have begun to complain about issues related to their posture. From backaches and migraines to even problems like backbone disc maladjustments, it is now starting to become a serious problem in the youth of today. Many wonder why such problems have started to occur in today’s generation and whether problems occurring with skin, diet, and back are all related to one another.