Home Theater Lighting Design Tips

Trends in the world of entertainment are now being constantly changed for the better. Thank God for the invention of smarter and bigger screens, we do not have to go out and spend hours standing in lines to get tickets to our favourite movie just so that we can enjoy it on the bigger screen in a cinema or theatre. Now, most of us have these screens at home and it just takes a smarter brain to carry out an efficient Home theatre Planning to turn our homes into a living theatre whenever we want. Once you have planned and designed your home theatre efficiently, there is no going back to the old school ways of enjoying your favourite movies. Your house is going to be the first choice for you and your friends whenever you decide to watch a movie. Not only does it save money, but having a theatre at home also allows you to enjoy your favourite shows with utmost peace and there is no feeling on earth better than that. You just prepare for a night at a theatre and enjoy it all at the comfort of your home.

Do you have a big screen with enough space at home? If yes, then it is the perfect time to turn it into a complete theatre with best possible lighting and designing techniques. Here are our top tips to lighten up your home theatre in the best possible way that will surely help you make your binge watching session more fun.

Keep it minimal

People make this horrible mistake of going extraordinarily lavish when it comes to lights’ related designing of a home theatre. Having too much light in a home theater can take away the impact of the screen and divide the attention of the viewers. The best idea is to keep the lighting as minimal as possible so that when you are watching something, the screen is the most lit up part of the room and is easy to focus on.

Use Sconces with a little designing

Sconces are a great lighting option for a home theatre as they just need a wall support to be fixed and also look nice in the room. If you want to add an even better touch, we advise you to go for those decorative wall sconces at Articolo that, other than doing well for the over-all theatre lighting will also add a cute and decorative element to your home theatre, making it a part of your home that reflects your personal style too.

Fairy light strings to add a WOW factor

If you want to revamp your home theatre’s look, then playing safely with the lights is a great idea. For those who want to do so while being economical, the best idea is to use the overhead mounted lights in a neutral colour and decorating the walls of your theatre with fairy light strings. You can also clip some family pictures or movie CDs to add a retro effect with these fairy lights. However, be sure not to fix a lot of strings because that will deviate all the attention.