7 Eco-Friendly Christmas Tinsel Alternatives


Tinsel, despite being a traditional Christmas adornment, is not very environmentally friendly. Many pieces of tinsel, whether tucked into the tree’s branches or wrapped over the bannister, are produced from non-recyclable plastic or coated paper. According to several reports, tinsel sales will be up 11% in 2020, when the classic Christmas decor will have a large profit. However, we must find a more environmentally friendly alternative this year.


If you currently have plastic tinsel, take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible; however, if you are purchasing new decorations this year, choose plastic-free tinsel or alternate paper tinsel instead. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Paper chains

You can embellish your tree with cheerful paper chains that create dimension and catch the light with just a stapler, a pair of scissors, and some thick paper (or your favourite rolls of wrapping paper!). Try this eco-friendly holiday decor idea to make your home stand out from the neighbours.


Ribbons and beads

Shiny ribbons and glossy beads look beautiful on any tree. They’ll add a tinsel-like shine and can be reused year after year. Ribbons are not only a more environmentally friendly alternative to tinsels, but they are also more durable if used properly. You may easily store your beads and ribbons for the next Christmas and the one after that! Decorating a Christmas tree in Australia is a tradition for many families, so buy beautiful beads and ribbons to decorate it with your family.


Dried fruits garland

It’s surprisingly simple to change citrusy fruit into Christmas-y fruit. Lemons and oranges dried in the oven and tied with string can be some of the most attractive (and delicious-smelling) accessories for your tree. A dried fruit garland decoration will add a natural and earthy charm to your Christmas decoration.


Popcorn and cranberry garlands

Pop some kernels and leave the bowl you’re not using for snacking unbuttered. Thread the popcorn through with a sewing needle in any pattern you like, alternating with bright red cranberries as you go. Apart from its beautiful aesthetics, the making process of such garlands can be a fun afternoon activity for your family and a way of spending quality time with each other.


Metal tinsel and icicles

If you miss the frills of traditional tinsel, you can swap metal adornment strings with plastic one. Alternatively, get a package of icicle decorations, which will reflect your Christmas lights as they dangle from the tree’s limbs.


Miniature LED lights

If you want the tree to sparkle, consider adding more light strands. Delicate fairy lights (battery-powered) can be strung up like traditional strands or bunched into glittering clusters for added impact. The best part, these are useable and so versatile. You can use it for indoor Christmas tree decoration or lighting the exterior of your house.


Origami garlands

It’s both an art project and a Christmas decoration! Whether you go with a classic crane or embrace the season with charming Christmas stars, you’ll add a personal touch to your tree that store-bought tinsel can’t match.


Bottom line

The holiday season is all about the bing and jazz so, decoration is a must. While you can get cheap quality tinsel decor from the store nearby, the aforementioned seven eco-friendly ideas for tinsel decoration can be the highlight of your Christmas decoration and make you stand out in the neighbourhood.