A Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Argyle Pink Diamonds

You must have heard about diamonds for the zillionth time as it’s a gemstone that is widely used for gifting precious presents, for wedding engagements, or simply in rings. Girls have an unbeatable fascination with this gemstone, and rightfully so. After all, when diamonds dazzle on you, your personality shines. However, have you ever heard about the Argyle pink diamonds? They are as pretty as the white diamonds but have a hue of pink in them. If the pink color of this gemstone has piqued your interest, in this blog, you will find everything that a beginner should know about wearing Argyl Pink Diamonds.

About Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are gemstones that have a slight shade of pink in them. The color varies from purple to pink and light pink. You might also find red diamonds in the middle of the color variations of pink diamonds.

Mostly, jewelry or gemstone collectors like to buy pink diamonds. It is because a diamond is a rare gemstone, and when that rarity is mixed with a fancy color such as pink, it makes an astonishing piece that is worth having in your collection.

Moreover, the shades of pink up to the point of red are always somehow associated with love and romance. That’s why lovers like to gift these diamonds to their significant others to showcase their genuine feelings.

Reason Behind The Pink Hue Of The Pink Diamonds

Just like the dimples on people’s faces when they smile are an actual deformation but the feature that’s considered attractive pink diamonds have pretty much the same story. In simple words, diamonds formed by some sort of deformation that gives birth to a pink-like hue are known as pink diamonds. Some people believe that the heat and pressure at a specific point during the formation of a diamond give them a pink color. However, the exact science behind these diamonds is still unknown. And that makes these diamonds even more mystical and attractive to potential buyers. So, there is no doubt that wearing these diamonds will make you feel a bit mysterious.  

Grading System Of Argyle Pink Diamonds

The pink shades of pink diamonds are categorized into three main kinds: Purplish Pink, Pink, and Pink Rose. The signature name for identifying these color ranges are as follows:

  • For purplish-pink, its PP
  • For Pink, its P
  • For Pink Rose, Its PR

All the three above-mentioned categories range from 1 to 9, and the last one is white. Grading to define the shades go from 9, which is white in color, to 1, which is the purest form of purplish-pink, pink or pink rose.

The PP category of pink diamonds is considered the darkest range of shades, whereas the P category has the medium ranges in shades. Finally, the PR once is the lightest category in the shadows of pink.

Grading by the category from white to the darkest pink shades of the category are listed below:

For Purpulish pink:

White, 9PP, 8PP, 7PP, 6PP, 5PP, 4PP, 3PP, 2PP, 1PP

For Pink:

White, 9P, 8P, 7P, 6P, 5P, 4P, 3P, 2P, 1P

For Pink Rose:

White, 9PR, 8PR, 7PR, 6PR, 5PR, 4PR, 3PR, 2PR, 1PR


So this was everything on the pink diamonds that beginners should know about. Now that you know the mystical reason behind the color of pink diamond and their grading system, you can easily find your ideal pick. You can also buy argyle pink diamonds online by visiting this website. They have some unique designs and cuts of various diamonds.