What to Wear on a First Date? We Asked the Experts!

When you dress to impress, you become self-conscious and highly critical of the way you look. This can lead you to make bad choices in the fashion department, which can leave an impression of an unorganised person. Thus, you can end up making a blunder on your first date.

Well, nobody wants that to happen, right? You can easily dodge such an embarrassing situation by gaining basic knowledge on what to wear on the first date. To make it more interesting for you, ahead are some of the advice that experts give about the outfit that you should wear on your first date.

Confidence Is The Key

The first thing your date is going to notice is the way you carry yourself and your smile. Thus, self-hygiene and taking care of your teeth is the foremost step. Once you have both of these things aligned, no matter what you wear, you are going to slay.

Red And Black- The Safe Colours

According to some extensive research, it is found that people instantly find those attractive who wear red or black. Turn out, red and black colours have the potential to leave an imprint on someone’s mind. So, if you can’t decide on the colour, then you can always choose an outfit that is red or black in colour.

Colours To Avoid

Just like the more likeable colours, there are colours that do not leave a very charming first impression. Therefore, you should also know the colour that you should avoid. You should avoid wearing anything that is Brown or Orange in colour on your first date. Colour psychologists have suggested that the shades of brown and orange make you appear less confident and sexy.

Opt For A Comfortable Outfit

You need to look confident enough on your first date. And if your favourite stylish dress is not making you feel comfortable, then you gotta throw it out of the window!

Select the dress that makes you feel pretty and is comfortable to wear. This way, you can give your undivided attention to your date instead of your dress.

A Little Exposure On The Neckline Won’t Hurt!

Remember, we are saying neckline, not cleavage. To be honest, nobody likes a cleavage show on the first day—however, it’s quite the opposite for the neck. In fact, people tend to subconsciously become attracted to necklines. So, wear something that exposes just the amount of neckline.

Do Not Look Too Fashionable

In today’s world, too fashionable girls are a big turn off for guys. Or if it is not, then you might scare away your guy by looking unapproachable. Thus, you need a perfect balance between fashion and simplicity.

Use Light Makeup

Have you heard of the famous “no make-up make-up look”? Well, guys seem to like this look so much. It is because the no-makeup look only highlights your best features. So, next time you go on a date, try to keep make-up to the minimum.

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