Coffee Tables for Every Style: Finding the Perfect Centerpiece for Your Home

If you want to enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space, then it’s crucial to carefully pick furniture like a coffee table. Whether you like a minimalistic design or a rustic one, you need to make sure that it goes well with the design of your living space. Luckily there are endless options, from contemporary centrepiece coffee tables to rustic ones to suit your taste.

If you are looking to buy a coffee table for the first time, here is a perfect guide that explores different styles and ideas to help you find the suitable centrepiece for your home.

Minimalist Style

If you want sleek, clean lines and light-coloured wood or metal finishes, then go for Scandinavian design. A minimalistic round or rectangular table with tapered legs contributes towards a simple living space. Another option is to choose glass-top tables. With the transparent appeal, glass tops create the illusion of a spacious feel. A table with a simple frame of a single central base will provide a minimalistic look.

Rustic Style

Choose reclaimed wood for a warm and inviting ambience. These tables come in various designs. Choose the ones that have distressed finishes, natural imperfections or unique knots to give a rustic look to your living room. Other than this, you can also opt for farmhouse designs that are prominent in decorative legs, whitewashed finish and sturdy build.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-century modern style includes organic shapes such as rounded edges and tapered legs. When it comes to material, consider going for teak or walnut to give an authentic mid-century appeal. Alternatively, you can choose coffee tables with hairpin legs with a round or oval tabletop for a retro feel.

Industrial Style

The industrial style comprises of metal and wood combination. Seek coffee. Tables that have metal frames or wooden tops. Distressed finishes, exposed hardware and rivets also work to give an industrial touch. Other than this, look for factory-inspired design coffee tables that represent vintage equipment or machinery. Factory-inspired tables also come with inserts such as gears, wheels or metal mesh to add an industrial flair.

Contemporary Style

To have a statement piece in a contemporary living room, consider going for tables with unique geometric shapes like asymmetrical designs or hexagons. You can also choose the coffee table with a glossy lacquer finish that comes in bold or neutral colour tones. The polished look will add a sleek and modern touch to your contemporary-styled coffee table. You can also explore some stylish coffee tables for sale from Wholesales Direct. They have an impressive collection.

Eclectic Style

You invent an eclectic style when you combine different styles, shapes and materials. For instance, you can pair a vintage trunk with modern acrylic legs or a glass tabletop with a wrought iron base.

Final Thoughts

So these are some top tips to give your living space an upgrade. By choosing the coffee table according to your preferred style, you can elevate the overall look of your living space. Just make sure to choose a suitable coffee table style for your living room.