Decorating For Easter

Easter fun is one of a kind. However, it can feel colourless if you do not put the right amount of decoration into play. Also, choosing the perfect ideas regarding easter decorations can stress you out. Therefore, in this blog, we have assembled some ways decorations that look wonderful. So, without much ado, let’s check out these decorations right away!

Painted And Decorated Eggs

Everyone knows that eggs are the essential element when it’s to Easter. So, you can go classic by painting and decorating eggs. Make a hole at the bottom of an eggshell and push the contents out from it. Once the egg is empty, you can start painting it and even decorate it by sticking some beads on it. Do not forget to clean the eggshell before starting decorating it.

Plant A Flower In An Eggshell

If you want to give your Easter an earthly feel, then you can go ahead with this idea. Make a hole in the uppermost section of the eggshell and empty its contents in a bowl. Rinse the shell thoroughly from the inside. After it is dried, you can put some soil inside it and plant a flower in it.

Use Easter Candles

You can design your own Easter candles at home. Take the eggshells. This time, you can break them into two halves, but neatly. Or you can use the previous method of just taking off the uppermost part of the eggshell and cleaning it. Once it is cleaned, you can fill it with wax. To fill wax inside the eggshell, you need to melt it first. Do not forget to place a thread inside the wax when it’s still in a melted state. That thread will be the wick of your candle.

Decorate Your Mantlepiece

You can decorate the area of your mantlepiece with old jars and vases. It will give an aesthetic appeal. So, assemble all the pots and vases that you have. It doesn’t matter even if they are broken. Fill them up with plants and flowers. Once you are done decorating it, it will look enthralling.

Know that lighting plays a vital role in the presentation. Therefore, make sure to have plenty of lights in this area to have a bright look.

Decorate The Table

Make sure to cover your table with a beautiful piece of the table cloth. You can put the eggshells that you have decorated before on the table too. The Easter candles will also look pretty on the table.

Add Some Music

We know that this is not exactly a decorating tip, but it certainly works in giving you the Easter feels. Also, anything becomes tenfolds more beautiful when you accompany it with music. So, grab your home theatre and set it in the sitting room.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ideas that you can use while decorating for Easter. However, if you do not have time to decorate and make things on your own, you can visit Easter decorations in Australia. They have an online store where you can get all the decor that is required to do the Easter decoration.