Top 10 Lingerie Essentials Under Workwear

There are many concepts that fall under the ‘dress to impress’ guidelines. Yet, we can’t afford to forget one essential: underwear. You might wonder why lingerie is essential and why you need to purchase separate ones.

Well, for the starters, you will avoid embarrassment from awkward fits or some unwanted flashes. After all, you would want a perfect pair with your dress. You will have more confidence in your style and stride. And let’s not forget that work can be exhausting. You may want to be in your best comfort.

Professional life requires you to be presentable, and there are different workwear according to situations like meetings, celebrations, or regular work. So, you need to be prepared. With so many things, it is integral for you to find the best lingerie. Here are the top lists that could help you out.

1. A Padded Bra

This is the must-have lingerie of all things. You get better coverage for your breasts and avoid any kind of headlight effect with it. More importantly, you could appear curvier and give the right impression. With shirts and other professional fear, padded bras are the best.

2. Push-Up Bra

A push-up bra also falls under the same category as a padded bra, but it has more of a glamorous appeal. It is perfect for dresses, meetings, get-togethers, and corporate parties.

3. Spacer Cups

Working for extended hours in the office can be quite exhausting. If you prefer comfort over a glamorous or professional appearance, a spacer cup bra is your friend. They work similar to padded bras but are more comfortable.

4. Full-Coverage Bra

Perhaps, you’re not looking for workwear that would highlight your assets. Maybe you’re just looking for the best coverage, and for that, you have full-coverage bras. These are perfect all-rounders. But remember, these won’t work with deep necklines or backless dresses.

5. A Nude Pair

The worst thing you can face is a colour mixup where you get a wardrobe malfunction. For instance, wearing a black bra under a white shirt. Even the white bras won’t work, but a nude bra and panties would perfectly. Make sure to find the colours of nude bras and panties closer to your skin tone. Why the nude panties? For the white trousers and skirts.

6. Leak-Proof Underpants

Among the best women’s underwear in Australia, you will find leak-proof selections. These prevent and contain the leakage during the worst days and won’t require the use of cups or tampons.

7. A Tummy Tucker

We are all supportive of body positivity. There are women of all shapes and sizes. However, sometimes, we want to look a certain way or fit in a certain dress. For that, a tummy tucker could help you out. It is also a great choice to improve your posture.

8. Body Shorts

Body shorts work for casual, office, and even dress styles flawlessly. These are perfect for any occasion.

9. G-Strings

Thongs, or g-strings, are the best and the worst workwear you could have. If you are comfortable using thongs, these will be your friend and suit almost any requirement.

10. No Panty Line

If you’re looking to wear tight body dresses for one reason, you would want to hide the panty lines. That’s where no panty line comes into play.