Review of Hairdressing Schools in Brisbane

People of Brisbane never settle for less when it comes to looks and style. There are a number of hairdressing and styling schools that create professional hairdressers in Brisbane to meet their demands. Brisbane School of Hairdressing, Queensland Hairdressing Academy and Katrina’s School of Hair & Beauty are some of them to name a few.

The students

Even if you have not gone there to get anything crazy or adventurous done, I would suggest you to trust them with the job. The students in the hairdressing schools actually are concerned about doing a good job and they are strictly supervised by their teachers throughout the time. They consider your hair and scalp as a school project and everyone is looking forward to getting an A grade.

The cost

All the procedures that are done in these schools are at least one-quarter of the price you would get somewhere else. The prices differ on the basis of what you opt for. A haircut without a wash, for example, will cost you around $12, but it time does take some time. It takes about an hour or so for a trim, but the hairdresser would be very careful and evidently mindful of making mistakes. Generally, they do a good job and with their supervisors continually observing what is being done, you can be confident for not having any disappointments.

There are quite a few deals available as well on their websites. Example of a special deal is $14 for shampoo, conditioning, style cut and blow-dry.

The goal

Although the students might not be doing hair cutting for a long time and they also might not have the trendiest style themselves, they are professionals and they will be careful to do their job well. This is especially so because they are being assessed.

We have seen such a major promising result with our pass outs of the hairdressing schools in Brisbane. We know it is totally predisposed by the deliberate ways the trainers validate stance, reproduce compassion and self-esteem, promote resilience and flexibility, and rejoice individualism.

Each day, the students look forward to spending the day with their teachers, gaining experience and learning new talents. As a society, it is the most amazing thing to observe — seeing how happy they are to go to school and make a difference in their clients’ lives. Each day they grow with the help of their phenomenal trainers.

The trainers are enormously kind to the clients. The students and trainers alike always listen to their experience and find time to converse with them — both to understand and relieve their worries. Both the trainers and the staff are very welcoming. Hairdressing schools in Brisbane have an exceptional learning experience over all.

People declare these schools to be their favourite place for hair experimentation. They are happy to experiment and are glad to listen to you without being judgmental.  

One of the clients’ remarked by saying, “Putting the words ‘school’ and ‘hairdressing’ together conjured up vivid flashbacks of my seven-year-old self, scissors in one hand, the majority of my hair in the other. However, putting this initial fear behind me, I was pleasantly surprised with the end result”.