Stinky Shoes? How to Get Rid of Smelly Shoes

It’s fun to play games and wander around in your summer shoes, but things get awkward when your shoes start stinking and the whole house is full of bad odour just because of you.

In fact, imagine the embarrassing situation in which you are in public and your shoes are stinking bad. Everyone will just start staring at you and well, most of them will even walk away from you. Now, you cannot blame the shoes for the bad odour. Whether you are buying your footwear from a direct shoe warehouse or an online store, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s just your sweat that’s stinking and creating the odour.

Your shoes start stinking when you wear them for a prolonged time and that’s what creates an embarrassing situation. Don’t worry because we are here with some of the best remedies that can help you in getting rid of that bad odour.

1-Wash and exfoliate your feet

The problem is not with your shoes, in fact, it’s with your feet. Stinky shoes are a result of stinky feet and this obviously means that you need to do something about your feet. What good you can do is that you can wash your feet and exfoliate them properly before wearing your favourite pair of shoes. Good foot hygiene can help you in reducing the bad odour.

2-Always Make Sure Your Feet Are Dry

A lot of people make this mistake that they rush out from the shower and then quickly wear their shoes without drying their feet. Now this is a big mistake that can lead to some serious bad odour and your shoes will definitely start stinking within an hour or so. Always dry your feet properly, use a towel or a tissue and reach out to the centre of your toes too and then wear your shoes.

3-Use A Shoe Deodorant Spray

If you want to freshen your feet and shoes, then you can keep a small shoe deodorant spray with you all the time. This spray can come in handy to you and you won’t have to be embarrassed about your stinky shoes again as they won’t stink anymore.

These are some of the best remedies that you can use to get rid of smelly shoes. Also, make sure to give your shoes a little sunshine when you are not wearing them, this way all the odour stuck inside will be gone and you will have a fresh smelling pair of shoes.