What To Wear On A First Date – Best Date Outfits for Men

If you think that asking someone out on a date was the real hurdle that you surpassed, then you are wrong. The real trouble starts after you have set a date with someone. It is because now you have to think about making an impression. The foremost thing that comes to mind in such cases is your dressing sense. Trust us when we say that your dress can make a whole lot of difference. So, if you have finally asked your girl out, here are some outfits you should consider wearing on a first date.

A Serene White Shirt

The white shirt is considered a classic piece of clothing when it comes to making an impression. It indicates purity. Also, the colour is generally associated with innocence. As a result, your date will have a subconscious imprint on her mind for you as a decent and innocent guy.

Printed Shirt Always Saves A Day Or Date!

If you want to keep it subtle but also want to have a long-lasting effect on your date, then a printed shirt could be your ideal choice. It also comes in handy on occasions when you do not really know what to wear. With a printed shirt, you only need some insight into styling them and nothing else. Apart from a shirt, you can consider wearing a t-shirt or a printed jacket with a solid coloured shirt underneath it.

Black Never Disappoints

If you are getting confused between bright or not-so-bright colours, then you should choose the black one. It always leaves an impact on the other person. Also, somehow black colour gives off the vibe of a well-polished man. So, if you want to leave a mark showing your neat side, you can consider wearing a black shirt with sky blue denim jeans.

Go Unconventional With Polo T-Shirts

Usually, polo T-shirts were restricted to the sports fields. However, now the times are changing, and sports lovers have extended their fondness for polo t-shirts from fields to other areas as well. Also, if you are known for unconventional ways, you can start by wearing a polo t-shirt to date. It will give you the persona of a sporty guy, which is surely an admirable thing among women.

Semi-casuals Are Perfect For A First Date

Honestly, a first date is all about making your first impression. The following dates after that do not really matter. So, to do that, you should try something classy yet casual enough that it doesn’t look too much. You can wear a blue suit with a white shirt. To give it a semi-casual look, you can skip wearing a tie. However, do not forget to wear a watch.


If you choose to go for printed shirts, then consider the check print; it is widely liked by many girls. Also, you can buy check shirts in Australia from here. Going for solid colours would be ideal if you decide to wear a t-shirt. Also, you can pair any outfit with white sneakers. They are compatible with pretty much everything.